That’s Gotta Hurt: C3 Corvette Driver Slams Into Oncoming Traffic With No Airbags


The individual behind the wheel of the following third-generation Corvette may have been going for the holy trinity of rear-wheel drive screw ups: old car, poor grip and insufficient talent at the helm. What could possibly go wrong?

In the description of the video, the cammer states that the dash unit didn’t record the incident, which means all we have to go on are the events recorded by the rear cam. Thankfully, they deliver plenty of context, not to mention action.

While it’s unclear how the Vette’s slide may have been initiated, it’s obvious that the driver applied too much throttle (at some point), and then failed to keep the car in check as the rear end stepped out.

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There’s also no mention of the aftermath, but seen as how the driver of the Corvette may not have been wearing a seat belt, we can assume that some injuries were sustained – especially since cars as old as the C3 Vette weren’t equipped with airbags. That means you get a chest/face full of steering wheel in a frontal collision, although this hit was more of a small overlap pinch. Still, it had to hurt.

The driver of the blue Nissan was probably alright (at least relatively speaking), thanks to their car being designed with airbags, as well as crumple zones.

Let’s hope that next time, the person who lost control of that Corvette will stop wishing for a Mustang and treat their ride with a little more respect.

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