Insane Cybertruck-Inspired Cyberhouse Wouldn’t Look Out Of Place In Area 51


Was the Cybunker not enough to give you your Tesla Cybertruck fix? Well, the Cyberhouse from Russian design firm Modern House might just do the trick.

Much like the Cybunker, it is difficult to envision the type of property where the Cyberhouse would look at home. Nevertheless, the design is very intriguing and takes after the Cybertruck with sharp edges, flat surfaces, and a bare stainless-steel finish.

According to the designers, the house spans 300 square meters (3,229 square foot) and neatly combines indoor and outdoor living. Perhaps the highlight of the Cyberhouse is the outdoor area on the second level designed to mimic the look of the Cybertruck’s bed. There is a roof with solar panels, a large fireplace, ample seating room, lots of plants, and an intricate staircase design that goes down to ground level.

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Neither the videos or pictures show what’s going on in the ground level, but we’d take a guess and say that’s where the bedrooms and bathrooms might be located.

A press release from the company reveals that the Cyberhouse would come complete with armored windows, metal shutters, and airlock doors. It also includes a car elevator and is expected to start at a cool $865,000.

Much like the Cybunker, there’s no reason why a buyer of the Cyberhouse would need to own a Tesla Cybertruck – unless, that is, the company were to restrict sales to those that do indeed own Cybertrucks. Doing so, however, probably wouldn’t be the smartest business idea, so we presume anyone with nearly a million to spend on a house could contact them if they dig the Area 51-like design.

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