Chicago Police Car Runs Red Light And Tries To Pin It On Innocent Motorist


The dashcam footage captured by this driver in Chicago shows the moment a police officer tried to cite him for running a red light when he clearly didn’t.

This clip, shared on YouTube, shows the Uber driver approaching an intersection at just past 11:05 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. As the driver gets close to the intersection, the green light turns to yellow but with the wet roads, the driver (understandably) decided to continue through rather than try to brake. He is approximately halfway through the intersection when the light turns red and an undercover Ford police cruiser enters the frame.

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The police vehicle almost crosses into the path of the Uber driver, forcing him to swerve to avoid a collision. While the police officer behind the wheel appears to be at fault for the near-miss, seemingly running a red light himself, he soon pulls over the Uber driver and claims that he “didn’t clear the red light” even though the driver legally entered the intersection on the yellow light.

Shortly after the Uber motorist mentions that he has everything on dashcam, the police officer soon goes quiet and returns to his patrol vehicle to double-check his license and insurance details. With everything checked out, he returns and sends the Uber driver on his way.

It’s hard to know how the police officer thought the Uber driver ran a red light when that’s exactly what he did. We have a sneaking suspicion that if the Uber driver didn’t have a dashcam, he may be been fined for doing nothing wrong.

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