Electric Hummer Pickup Truck Coming to Your GMC Dealer


The Wall Street Journal reports that the Hummer name is making a comeback within General Motors, and will be applied to an electric pickup. We’d heard rumors and speculation for the past year that Hummer was set to return to GM’s portfolio after a long hiatus—the brand was shuttered in 2010 in the face of high gas prices and the automaker’s bankruptcy—but the WSJ says it has firm timelines for the brand’s reemergence, as well as a blockbuster marketing plan that’s already in place.

So, that timeline: General Motors has apparently hired basketball superstar LeBron James to shill the new Hummer, and it’s planning a big commercial to air during this year’s Super Bowl next month. Strangely, it seems as though GM isn’t planning to restart the Hummer brand in its entirety. Instead, the Hummer name will be slapped on a unique electric pickup truck that will be sold through the GMC brand. This makes some sense, given how, before Hummer died ten years ago, it was a premium truck and SUV brand within GM’s hierarchy. Today, GMC occupies a similar position, offering up the most luxurious pickups GM builds (as well as rich Denali-trim SUVs, although those are upstaged by equivalent Cadillacs). A Hummer fits well into this structure, at least logically; emotionally, it’s a bit weird to see the Hummer’s triumphant return limited to a name on a single vehicle.

In any event, the new Hummer pickup will be fully electric, utilizing GM’s upcoming electric truck platform. This means it will be built at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck facility, which is currently undergoing a multibillion-dollar renovation for that purpose. We’ve joked before, in our speculative report on Hummer’s return as an all-electric nameplate, that the name is perfect for an electric vehicle, since motors hum. Even so, an electric Hummer would be a “woke” second act for the former gas-guzzling brand. GM, in using electric power, essentially wipes Hummer’s slate clean, allowing the brand once known for rank un-environmentalism to leverage its cool styling and off-road capability without dirtying would-be owners’ consciences.

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