Lexus And Subaru Get Caught In Fit Of Road Rage, Outback Spins Into Median


Dramatic dashcam footage has captured the moment a Subaru Outback and a silver Lexus were caught dueling on a highway somewhere in the U.S.

This incident was captured through the exterior cameras of a Tesla Model 3. It starts off by showing the Subaru driver hogging the left lane of the highway despite the silver Lexus sitting behind clearly hoping to overtake.

Likely prompted by the fact that the Subaru driver showed no signs of crossing into the middle lane and moving out of the way, the Lexus quickly changes into the right-most lane of the highway to overtake both the Subaru and the Tesla.

Watch: Two SUVs Battle It Out In Ridiculous Road Rage Episode

However, at the same time the Lexus starts to accelerate, the Subaru owner does so too with both quickly passing by the cammer. Once in front, the Lexus pulls across the road and into the fast lane occupied by the Legacy Outback. The Lexus  proceeds to brake check the Subaru who appears very slow to react and rather than braking to avoid making contact, decides to aggressively swerve to the right. This creates a pendulum effect and the tail of the Outback kicks out, sending the car into a spin and across the center median.

The Lexus driver, not concerned with what had just happened, continues to drive off into the distance.

Both drivers clearly played their own roles in the incident and everything could have been avoided were the drivers a little less hot-headed.

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