Mini Cooper Turns Into A Self-Driving Car After Catching Fire In Slovenia


Bizarre footage has emerged from the quaint city of Ljubljana, Slovenia showing a Mini Cooper briefly driving under its own power while on fire.

The clip, which was filmed vertically, shows the dark red Mini parked on the side of the road with flames pouring out of the engine bay. Just a few seconds in, the starter motor can be heard ticking over and the hatchback starts to roll forward, running into the rear of a blue Opel Corsa parked just in front of it.

For roughly 10 seconds, the Mini drives forward under its own power, nearly pushing the Opel out of its way and steering itself into the center of the road.

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It remains to be answered why the Mini acted this way but it is a rather bizarre thing to see. If we had to guess as to why the engine started to tick over despite the flames, we’d say it could have had something to do with the wiring getting messed up and fooling the car into thinking someone was turning the ignition on.

After seeing the self-driving Mini in action, those around the Cooper smartly decided to back away from the flames and shortly after, a police car arrived on the scene. Initially, one of the officers pulled out a fire extinguisher from their police cruiser but appeared to have a little trouble using it. Soon after, a small explosion ripped its way through the bottom of the Mini and the police backed away, likely waiting for fire crews to arrive on scene and deal with it.

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