Graze’s solar-powered, self-driving mower is a view of Elon Musk’s fully-autonomous future

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Tesla’s Autonomy Day in April 2019 gave supporters of the company a look into Elon Musk’s vision of a fully-autonomous future. The event featured the company’s strategies for the future as it prepares for a full embrace into its plans for a Full Self-Driving suite that will take the need for human control out of driving a vehicle.

While Tesla is focused on navigating vehicles toward control that does not require a human’s input, other industries are diving into the future of fully-autonomous projects. The $100 billion agriculture industry is one sector that would highly benefit from autonomous products.

A Santa Monica, California-based lawn and landscaping startup called Graze has developed a solar-powered, fully-autonomous lawn mower that requires no human interaction. The battery-operated, fully-autonomous mower was developed by Graze CEO John Vay who has an extensive background in landscaping, and CTO Roman Flores whose past employers include NASA and the Caltech Curiosity Mars Rover Team. The two minds have developed the product in an attempt to revolutionize commercial agriculture as we know it.

Graze: Fully-autonomous commercial lawnmower from Wavemaker Labs on Vimeo.

The need for this solution in the landscaping industry is evidenced by pre-orders placed by two of the nation’s top landscaping companies, LandCare and Mainscape, worth a combined value of $36 million. In a time when the shrinking U.S. labor force is burdening the landscaping industry, the Graze self-driving electric mower gives commercial landscaping companies the ability to maintain more job sites without the need to hire more workers. Its 53-inch cutting deck is nearly six times the size of any other robotic mower and its fully-autonomous operation allows for no embedded ground wires or beacons to do its job properly.

The Graze mower also gives a level of safety and security that other mowers simply cannot provide. The mower’s ability to detect static and moving objects will keep children and animals safe.

Graze’s Solar-Powered, Fully Autonomous Mower. (Credit: Graze)

Perhaps the most critical point of the Graze self-driving mower is the positive environmental impact the landscaping machine will have. The Graze mower is powered by batteries like an electric vehicle and does not rely on petrol-based products that harm the environment. Just one gas mower running for an hour emits the same amount of pollution as 40 internal combustion cars. 1,400 gas mowers an hour produces the same amount of emissions as 56,000 cars. Thus, replacing the fleet of Graze’s first two customers, Landcare and Mainscape, would be the equivalent of removing 42 million gas-powered cars a year, slowing the rate at which the Earth moves toward a climate crisis.

Graze continues to raise funds to help further develop its electric and autonomous mower. They are currently conducting an investment round and looking to secure around $10 million in total investments. For as little as $998, you can become a shareholder in a company that holds arguably the most exciting product that has hit the agriculture and landscaping market in recent memory.

The potential of Graze’s electric mower is limitless, as it holds the ultimate key to moving the agriculture industry toward an autonomous future. The mower will give owners of commercial land a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly way to maintain a large property.

To read more about the mission of Graze’s fully-autonomous electric mower, you can click here.

Graze’s solar-powered, self-driving mower is a view of Elon Musk’s fully-autonomous future

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