GMC Pickup Driver Crashes Then Makes A Run For It, Cammer Goes After Him


Dramatic dashcam footage has emerged showing the moment a man driving a GMC Sierra pickup truck triggered a collision in the U.S. and attempted to flee the scene.

The video kicks off showing a white Nissan Sentra changing into the second left-most lane of the highway. Shortly after making the lane change, a black SUV in front of the Sentra suddenly brakes, forcing the Nissan driver to do the same and for the GMC pickup driver to follow suit. Rather than stopping in a straight-line, however, the pickup driver decides to swerve into the left-lane to avoid rear-ending the Nissan but in the process turns directly into the path of what looks like a GMC Yukon.

Ordinarily, drivers involved in such a crash would pull over to the side of the highway, exchange details, and be on their way. However, the driver of the pickup immediately starts to reverse away from the scene before turning around and accelerating down the highway. The white Sentra follows behind and so does the cammer as it becomes obvious the pickup driver is trying to flee the scene.

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The pickup owner soon pulls off the highway and is chased by the Nissan and the cammer. The dashcam footage cuts off there but a second video shared on YouTube shows the Sierra pulled over on the side of the road and the driver hilariously running through a park to escape.

It remains to be seen what happened afterward but we hope the cammer noted the pickup’s license plates so authorities can track down the man.

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