YouTuber Proves Tesla Model X Can Fly With Rally-Style Jump On LA Street


YouTubers would do just about anything to get noticed these days, but that’s becoming increasingly difficult because everyone seems to be a vlogger nowadays.

As a result, we’re seeing more and more ludicrous videos posted online with the sole purpose of shocking the audience, thus allowing content creators to make a name for themselves. One YouTuber who doesn’t need to do that is David Dobrik, who has 15.7 million subscribers and millions of views per video.

He does ridiculous stuff on a regular basis, such as gifting random people new cars or cash, and all of his feats are obviously uploaded on YouTube. His latest one does not include any handouts but features a wacky stunt performed with his personal Tesla Model X.

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Cutting right to the chase, one of his friends drove the EV over the top of a hill in Los Angeles fast enough for the big heavy vehicle to lift in the air for several meters in a jump that will remind you of rally stages.

Besides posting it on YouTube as part of a vlog, the ‘stunt’ was posted on Twitter with the caption “These speed bumps in LA are on another level.” It was intended as funny but we’re not sure it is so given that the stunt was performed on a public road, seemingly without any safety precautions.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk did not seem to appreciate the video that much, as he replied to the tweet with an exclamation mark. We don’t know whether that was a warning or simply Musk’s way of expressing perplexity. A commentator cheekily argued that he should actually like the Model X jump because it proves Teslas can go rallying. Funny or not, it’s pretty clear that stunts like these do not belong on public roads.

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