Who’s At Fault Here; The Lane Switcher And Brake Checker Or The Cammer?


If you want a quick lesson on how driving aggressively can trigger crashes, just watch this video.

The clip, which appears to have been filmed in Texas, shows the car with the dashcam sitting in the left lane ready to take a ramp-up to the nearby motorway. As the cammer is minding their own business, the driver of a silver Mercury off to the right flicks on their left turn-signal wanting to quickly cut in front of him to get to the on-ramp also.

The motorist in the car from behind could have done one or two things in this moment. The smartest thing to do would have been to practice defensive driving tactics by gently applying the brakes to allow the Mercury driver to get in front. He decided against doing this and left very little room for the Mercury to change into the left lane and despite the small gap, the Mercury driver managed to force his way in.

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Once in the left lane, the Mercury driver abruptly brake checks the other motorist, perhaps frustrated they weren’t given much room to change lanes. The driver beeps his horn and a second later, the Mercury slams on its brakes once again and this time, the cammer couldn’t react quickly enough and rear-ends the sedan. Both cars then pull over the side of the road where the cammer says the Mercury driver tried to cover his face from the dashcam and didn’t want to exchange details.

It seems pretty obvious that both drivers played their own role in the crash. The Mercury driver was overly-aggressive cutting in front of the other car and should never have slammed on the brakes. At the same time, the cammer could have been courteous, let the Mercury in, and gone about their day.

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