This Cadillac CTS Coupe Is A Killer And Someone Needs To Put It Down


Texas has given the world many great things but something we’re not so fond of to originate from the Lone Star State is ‘slab culture.’

Originating in Houston, Texas, slab culture is home to a number of weird and wacky ways to modify vehicles, none crazier than the tradition of affixing sharp spikes to a vehicle’s wheels, sometimes sticking out more than 12-inches from the side of the car.

These wheels are known as wire rims and produced by a handful of local companies, including Texan Wire Wheels. They are extremely striking and recently caught the attention of one Reddit user who filmed a Cadillac CTS Coupe fitted with such wheels driving down the motorway.

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Typically, cars from the slab culture couple these pointed wheels with flashy paint finishes and brightly-colored interiors but this Cadillac appears relatively stock apart from the wheels, stretching out at least 10-inches from the extremities of the bodywork. If these wire wheels are heavy, we’ve got no doubt they could negatively impact the vehicle’s handling by drastically increasing the amount of unsprung weight. They also look pretty foolish but that’s just my opinion.

It’s always fascinating to see how people around the world modify their vehicles in such unique and eye-catching ways. From the lowrider scene of Los Angeles to the donk cars originating from some of the nation’s southern-most states, there’s a subculture of car modification to suit everyone’s personal sense of style. Sometimes that sense of style can be questionable…

Opening GIF via Reddit user woodmanfarms

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