Watch Carefully This Audi A4 Crash Through A Storefront In Canada


While this incident took place in October of 2018, footage of the crash just hit the web, painting a pretty good picture as to what happened.

The location of the accident was 940 View Street in Victoria, British Columbia, and the store was a vape shop, according to the Times Colonist. After exiting a parkade, the driver of the white Audi A4 mistakenly hit the accelerator and crashed into the store.

Of course, after examining the footage, we realized that it wasn’t quite that straight forward.

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As the driver pulls into view, we can see the car’s right front wheel hit the curb before the Audi makes contact with that grey BMW. The last hit with the Bimmer was severe enough to cause catastrophic damage to the opposite wheel, which in turn probably affected the driver’s ability to steer.

In the end, steering was never the main issue here, because the driver at fault had plenty of time to remove his foot off the accelerator and climb on the brakes. The car also had plenty of time to stop before hitting the storefront, had the driver realized what was happening – by our calculations, nearly three seconds passed from the moment the A4 made contact with the Bimmer, up until it went through the windows.

Thankfully, nobody was injured and multiple people swarmed the store looking to provide help. The elderly driver of the Audi seemed properly disoriented, though we suspect he was simply in shock.

You can see the footage from multiple angles in the videos below.

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