Watch These Drivers (Unwittingly?) Perform PIT Maneuvers On Cars Trying To Merge


PIT maneuvers are used by police to hit the rear quarter panel of a fleeing car to abruptly spin it sideways and bring the vehicle to a stop. These two videos show a pair of regular motorists inadvertently (?) doing PIT maneuvers.

The first video was filmed in the U.S. and shows the owner of what appears to be an SUV closely following a Toyota minivan on a major motorway. At the 20-second mark, a silver sedan emerges next to the SUV attempting to merge onto the motorway.

However, perhaps due to the cammer’s inattentiveness or utter arrogance, they fail to let the silver sedan in and end up tapping its rear, sending it into a violent spin.

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In the second incident, also filmed in the U.S., a white Acura TSX can be seen changing lanes directly in front of the driver recording the incident. The cammer opts against braking for the motorist to let them in and hits the rear of the Acura, also sending it into a violent spin and straight into a crash barrier on the side of the road, likely causing a significant amount of damage. The Japanese sedan then bounces into the other vehicle.

Watch the video closely and it appears as though the dashcam driver intentionally sped up to hit the rear of the TSX. Users on Reddit claim he initially uploaded the footage to YouTube with the title “Who’s at fault?” before the original video was removed.

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