Oh Lord, Imagine If Journos Are Quarantined At The 2020 Geneva Motor Show


The coronavirus or, as scientists recently baptized it, COVID-19, is no laughing matter for millions of people around the world, but automotive journalists and social media users alike took to the internet to lighten up the situation with a hypothetical scenario.

It all started when rumors swelled on the possibility of Swiss organizers cancelling the 2020 Geneva Motor Show after the first reported case in the country on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the event organizers addressed the situation issuing a statement saying that the show would go on as scheduled after taking the extraordinary measure of advising staff and visitors with Coronavirus symptoms to stay away (gosh, who would ever have thought about that?).

The news was followed by a tongue-in-cheek tweet from Autocar’s Matt Prior, which then took a life of its own.

“I think it’s the potential Geneva quarantine I fear most. ‘Show Day 23. Desperate. We’re out of jambon-fromage baguettes. Hallucinating. Earlier I thought a Mansory looked OK.’, Prior tweeted.

Might as well take a look: 2020 Geneva Motor Show A-Z Preview

Of course, it didn’t take long for the peanut gallery to chime in:

“Day 32: The currywurst wars have begun. We’ve taken refuge in Hall 7, using car lifts and statues made of scrap metal as barricades,” wrote Alex Goy, while Adam Binne informed us about “reports of leftover paella on the Seat stand”. Yummy.

Meanwhile, Alex Ingram took a deeper look into the future as on “Day 115, Ferrari launches the SF90 Tributo for the 87th time” and on “”Day 273: Finally it’s my turn to sit on the Toyota Supra”

Over here at CarScoops, Cristian teletext-ed us that, “German staff found a way to trick the coronavirus sensors at the GIMS door. Fingers crossed, we might get out after all”.

Your turn

We’ll pass on the mic to you now to continue the conversation downstairs.

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