Los Angeles BMW 7 Series Driver Goes Batshit Crazy On F-150 Truck After Hit-And-Run


They say there’s no road rage like Los Angeles road rage and we have to agree with that saying, unfortunately.

After all, the sprawling metropolis is credited to have “invented” road rage in the summer of 1987, when a series of traffic-related murders and injuries in Southern California led to media coining the ‘road rage’ catchphrase.

The latest in LA’s long line of wild and highly dangerous road rage incidents took place on Monday evening in North Hollywood, at the intersection of Victory Blvd and Laurel Canyon Road. Bystanders and other drivers were shocked to see a latest-generation BMW 7 Series chasing an older Ford F-150 and ramming it several times, allegedly in retaliation for an earlier hit-and-run.

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According to comments on social media, the truck had hit the BMW earlier and tried to flee the scene, except the F-150 driver picked the wrong person to do that to. The 7 Series quickly went in pursuit of the truck, T-boning it in the middle of an intersection, attempting a pit maneuver and generally wreaking havoc as pedestrians and other drivers looked in disbelief.

Videos of the incident quickly surfaced on social media but the LAPD’s reaction came 12 hours after the original video went viral on Instagram, in the form of a tweet announcing an arrest for “Assault with a Deadly Weapon” in connection to the incident.

The LAPD’s tweet (see below) does not make it very clear which driver got arrested but it’s safe to assume the person driving the BMW is who the police is talking about.

There are no reports of bystanders getting injured in this insane road rage incident and that’s remarkable given that the surreal scenes happened in the close proximity of Victory Elementary School, as you can see on Google Maps. Given that the videos seem to have been taken at sunset, the incident probably took place after school hours. Thank God for that.

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