When Your C5 Corvette Is Inspired From Your Childhood’s Racing Bed


Do you know those racing car-inspired beds you can buy for children? Well, this modified C5 Chevrolet Corvette looks just like one of them but the sad thing is that this isn’t a bed. It’s a real Corvette that someone actually drives.

This image of the questionably-modified Corvette was recently shared on Reddit and unsurprisingly, the vehicle isn’t to many people’s tastes. Or anyone’s taste, for that matter.

Granted, the C5 Corvette isn’t the prettiest generation of the series to begin with, but this guy took it to a whole new level starting with an aftermarket body kit that includes a pronounced new front splitter, sharp side skirts, and a towering rear wing. From there, the owner appears to have taken some inspiration from a Hot Wheels Corvette and thrown on a number of bizarre parts.

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Perhaps the strangest part is the massive white scoop on the hood that doesn’t appear to be at all functional. A number of white stickers have also been slapped on while some chrome trimmings are also found around the wheel arches and across part of the front bumper. A Redditor has also pointed out that there appear to be red LEDs stuck across the edges of the bumper and around the headlights, meaning this Corvette probably looks even worse at night.

Anyone with the faintest clue about a C5 Corvette knows that it is front-engined yet despite this, the owner has attached on a set of fake air vents directly behind the side windows, as if to feed cool air to a mid- or rear-mounted engine.

As if the modifications weren’t bad enough, it doesn’t appear as though the owner even takes particularly good care of the car because there appears to be mold growing on the front splitter.

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