This Russian Driver Had A Terrifying Final Destination Moment


If you’re anything like us, you’re on edge every time you drive near a logging truck, fearing what could happen if those logs break free and slam down onto the road. Over in Russia recently, this is exactly what happened and the whole thing was caught on film.

As reported by Russia’s RT, the whole incident is reminiscent of the Final Destination 2 scene with the logger truck, fortunately without the body count. The footage shows a logging truck passing under a bridge in wet and snowy conditions when suddenly, the dozens of logs being carried fall off the trailer, spilling across the road.

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Dashcam vision captured by a red car traveling in the opposite direction to the truck shows the snow-covered logs sliding down the road before smashing into the front of the car. It’s difficult to say how much damage would have been caused but the logs appear to be traveling quite fast and hit the car with a lot force. We’d be surprised if a lot of damage wasn’t sustained to the car’s front end, in particular its bumper.

However, things could have been much worse. Had the logs fallen off the logging truck a few seconds later, the red car could have been crushed and the driver and any other occupants may have been seriously injured or killed. Each of the logs would weigh hundreds of pounds and with dozens falling down, carnage would have ensued.

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