Angry Canadian Shouts Obscenities At Another Car, Gets Instant Karma Slap


Canada is known for many things, but road rage is not high on the list. Sure, the country is not spared of such incidents, but even when road rage does happen in Canada, it is pretty special and, paradoxically, sometimes even polite. Footage has emerged of a road rage incident that breaks this stereotype, however.

A man has been arrested in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia after causing a four-vehicle pileup because he was more concerned with cursing another driver than paying attention to traffic ahead.

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The video was shot from the passenger seat of a vehicle and shows a black Chevy Cruze accelerating past on the right, with the driver leaning out of the window shouting profanities. Karma did not take long to make an appearance as the Cruze plowed into the back of a stationary Chevy Bolt literally one second later.

The impact was quite severe and projected the EV into two other vehicles ahead. Strangely, the accident got people laughing in the car with the camera, which leads us to believe occupants of both vehicles were probably involved in a prior incident that enraged the Chevrolet Cruze driver.

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt as a result of the crash, with local police saying that only one woman got taken to hospital with minor injuries. We don’t know in which vehicle she was but we’d bet on the Chevrolet Bolt as the EV absorbed most of the crash’s kinetic energy.

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