2009 Bentley Brooklands Is Old-School, Hand Built Luxury For Under $100,000


If you like your Bentleys hand-built and truly bespoke but aren’t willing to pay more than $300,000 for a new Mulsanne (you won’t be able to do that much longer anyway), you need to thank depreciation for the Bentley Brooklands coupe.

Back when it was new in 2008, the ultra-luxurious, larger-than-life two-door Bentley started at $340,990 in the U.S. but you can have one now for under $100,000. Considering what you get for the money, it’s truly a bargain prestige car.

For starters, it’s a very rare vehicle. Bentley only built 430 of them, and each one had a unique configuration as it was tailored to the owner’s specific taste. Then there’s the fact that the Brooklands coupe was built entirely by hand, continuing Bentley’s tradition of coach-building and craftsmanship.

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Adding to its appeal is the presence this thing had – and still has. We’re talking about a 5.4-meter (212.6-in) long coupe dressed in an old-school, understated Bentley suit. On the outside, that is, because the interior makes even some modern Bentleys pale in comparison.

Doug DeMuro recently tested a 2009 Brooklands and basked in the luxury coupe’s numerous quirks and features, such as the lack of B-pillars, reminiscent of the Azure convertible on which it’s based. It’s also one of the rare coupes offering plenty of room for rear passengers – yes, this is a true four-seater.

The craftsmanship is mind-blowing with the Brooklands: everything inside looks and feels exquisite, with Bentley throwing in massive amounts of high-quality leather, wood and metal trim. It’s a really special car that has ‘old money’ written all over it. Just don’t expect the driving experience to live up to the 530 HP (537 PS) 6.75-liter V8’s muscle: while fast in a straight line, the Brooklands is a wafty, very comfortable cruiser that does not appreciate high-speed cornering.

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