Lexus RX Goes Airborne After Illegal Drag Race Gone Wrong


Lexus and drag racing go together like oil and water, but throwing an RX into the mix makes things even crazier.

However, that’s exactly what happened in Florida last weekend as teens were caught having an illegal drag race on a residential street.

Recorded by a homeowner’s security camera, the clip begins rather innocuously as two vehicles are filmed traveling down the street. A short time later, both vehicles are seen racing in the opposite direction while traveling side-by-side.

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The car on the left is hogging the road and this causes the driver of the Lexus RX to travel partially on the grass. After swerving to avoid a mailbox, the driver loses control and goes into a shallow ditch.

As this occurs, the rear end slides out and the vehicle quickly approaches a raised driveway with a ramp-like drain. The luxury crossover hits it and is sent flying in the air.

The crossover lands face first and then the roof comes smashing to the ground. It then rolls out of frame as a person can be seen running to check on the victims.

The force of the impact totaled the crossover and pushed the roof down to the beltline. Despite the extensive damage, both the driver and passenger survived. However, the driver reportedly suffered some broken ribs.

That’s a relatively small price to pay for such a major accident, but thankfully no one was killed.

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