Ranger Rover drivers can see through the hood


Continental’s transparent-hood technology could be every off-road driver’s dream.

It’s not literally transparent. It just makes you think it is by showing the driver what rocks or parking curbs or chuckholes are directly beneath the front end.

The transparent hood is available on the 2020 Range Rover Evoque, made possible by Continental’s surround-view technology, with four surround-view cameras and a control unit to deliver images of obstacles and terrain to the vehicle’s infotainment display.

The hood also is useful for regular on-road driving, showing steep inclines and tight driving maneuvers that would otherwise be obstructed from the driver’s view.

“In an SUV or a larger vehicle, driving on an incline, you can’t see what’s in front of your vehicle because you’re losing your line of vision,” said Tammy Snow, North American head of research and advanced engineering for Continental.

That’s especially true while off-roading among the rocks.

“When you’re trying to maneuver between boulders,” she said, “it’s helpful to know where they are so you can position your wheels in a certain way to be able to make it up over those.”

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