What Would a Porsche Pickup Truck Look Like? The Traykan


The truck world is about to look a lot different, thanks to boldly styled (and even electric!) pickups on the way, including the Rivian R1T, Hyundai Santa Cruz, and the real showstopper: Tesla’s Cybertruck. Having seen all three in some form or another, we feel somewhat inoculated enough to consider this wild-looking Porsche truck without doing a spit-take.

Feast your eyes on the Porsche Traykan, as imagined and rendered here by Adel Bouras. The name plays off the sleek and sexy Taycan electric sports car’s, and it seemingly is a mashup of the words “truck” and “Taycan,” with a “k” swapped in for edge. Even so, the truck actually more closely resembles a Cayenne up front—we’re not seeing a lot of the Taycan’s smooth duckbill front end here. The headlights take a page from current Porsche design dogma, with a quadrant of pinpoint LED accents, but the light bar connecting them is an interesting new element.

The Traykan’s low-slung roof and chiseled body lines pay homage to the Taycan, however, as do the full-width taillights and the bulbous back end. There appear to be exhaust outlets back there, too, suggesting this hypothetical vehicle isn’t hypothetically all-electric. Or they could be fake outlets—it’s up to your imagination. You do you. Massive wheels and a high ground clearance give this truck an off-road-ready and obviously conceptual look.

Is Porsche making a pickup truck sometime soon? Probably not, but it is hard at work on a strong EV offensive. The automaker will begin production on an electric Macan in late 2022, and hopes to build electric versions of the Boxster and Cayman. Porsche is working with Audi on the new PPE platform that will underpin a host of electric vehicles in the coming years. A truck would be a cool addition to any Porsche plan, but it’ll likely stay in our imaginations for now.

Check out the gallery below for a closer look at the Porsche Traykan courtesy of Adel Bouras.

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