Inattentive Driver To Blame For This Car Getting Airborne Dukes Of Hazzard Style


A driver has been lucky to walk away with only minor injuries after this accident that took place in Modesto, California.

The incident happened on Highway 99 near the Kansas Avenue exit over the weekend. The California Highway Patrol says that the driver apparently wasn’t paying attention at the time and came speeding off of the northbound side of the freeway. The car then flew through the air, Dukes of Hazzard style, before slamming back into the tarmac.

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A Tesla Model 3 sitting in traffic nearby caught the crash on one of its side-mounted, rear-facing cameras. At the 2-second mark of the video below, the out-of-control car skips over a curb on the side of the highway, briefly kicking it up onto two wheels. It then slams into the steep dirt embankment, throwing up a huge plume of dirt.

It’s quite a sight and had this been a choreographed crash for a Hollywood film, it would have looked pretty spectacular.

CBS 13 Sacramento confirmed with local authorities that the driver sustained minor injuries in the crash. We haven’t been able to find any pictures or videos of the car after the crash, but think it’s fair to assume it would have sustained serious damage.

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