No Wheel, No Problem: Sparks Fly As Three Wheel GMC Yukon Cruises Chicago


The Morgan 3 Wheeler is going out of production, but one driver has come up with an unlikely replacement in the form of a GMC Yukon.

As you can see in this video, the Yukon was apparently involved in an accident which ripped off its front fascia and passenger side front wheel.

Despite this, the driver didn’t stop and continued going like nothing had happened. As sparks fly, the damaged Yukon drives down the street and even comes to a stop at a red light.

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This gives us a close up of the SUV, which is leaning so much that the driver’s side rear tire isn’t even touching the ground. As the light turns green, the driver revs the engine and the Yukon inches forward as smoke billows from underneath the vehicle.

Unsurprisingly, no one wants the Tahoe behind them as we can see a sedan get out of the way once they notice the vehicle approaching. That could also be the case with the minivan stopped at the red light.  As the SUV approaches, the minivan runs the light and is followed by the Tahoe as the video comes to an end.

There’s no word on happened before the video took place, but the title suggests it was road rage related. That seems somewhat unlikely as this kind of behavior is typically associated with drunk drivers. However, we can’t be certain and a number of commenters on YouTube have suggested the vehicle could be stolen as lacks a license plate.

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