Work Hard, Playmobil Hard: Hop on the Plastic VW Bus Bandwagon


Playmobil just might have the answer with its Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus. Yes, it’s a toy that casts a shadow much smaller than that of an actual VW Bus, but at $49.99, this plastic German van also costs a fraction of the price of the real thing. You need not be a child to enjoy this toy, either, as Playmobil markets it for individuals as young as 5 and as old as 99 years old. Sorry, folks who’ve crossed the century mark—guess this van just isn’t for you. 

Those within Playmobil’s assigned age range, however, can enjoy the intricate exterior and interior details of this T1 Camping Bus. This includes its split-windshield, roof-mounted luggage rack, and two-tone—red and white—exterior finish. Inside, Playmobil fits this van with a bench seat that converts into a bed, a folding table, a sink, and a refrigerator. 

Of course, you won’t actually be able to utilize the little VW’s camping accouterments, but you can live vicariously through the two figurines Playmobil includes with its T1 Camping Bus. Alternatively, you can place the little van on your desk and dresser drawer and stare at it until you will your very own full-size VW Bus into existence. (The Secret‘s still a thing, right?)

Look, it’s your toy and you can do with it what you want: Play with it like you’re a free-spirited kid again, add it to your collection of VW Bus-related items, or simply appreciate its surprising intricacy. Playmobil’s T1 Camping Bus may not fulfill your desire to one-day own the real thing, but it’ll certainly help you temporarily fill a small portion of that VW van-sized hole in your heart—and at a comparatively small cost, too. Just like the toymaker’s cheap Porsches.

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