Ferrari F8 Tributo Owner Embraces Cryptocurrencies With A Dogecoin Wrap


Cryptocurrencies have gone on a wild ride this year and the owner of this Ferrari F8 Tributo is clearly quite fond of one particular crypto: Dogecoin.

Dogecoin was originally created as a joke but thanks to some high profile supporters, the most notable being Elon Musk, its value has ballooned this year, prompting the owner of this Ferrari to have the Italian supercar finished in a wrap celebrating the cryptocurrency.

According to a post on Reddit, this Ferrari was seen in Miami, Florida during a prominent Bitcoin conference in the city. Much of the F8 Tributo’s bodywork is finished in a bright shade of Tiffany Blue. It features the word ‘Dogecoin’ on the rear quarter panels and has Dogecoin graphics and logos along the sides. The hood also features a huge image of the Dogecoin logo. As a means of making a statement, this is certainly one way to do it.

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The thing is, apart from standing out, there’s a chance the owner of this F8 Tributo may soon hear from Ferrari itself.

DJ Deadmau5 famously had a Nyan Cat wrap applied to his 458 Italia back in 2014. Ferrari didn’t take too kindly to the wrap and promptly sent him a cease and desist order. Not long after, Deadmau5 sold the Ferrari and purchased a Lamborghini Huracan, soon applying it with the same Nyan cat theme.

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