Modify, Then Add Tailpipes: Chevy Camaro Rocks Four Exhausts, High Rear Wing


The Chevrolet Camaro has always been popular to tune and modify but the owner of this particular Camaro has made some particularly odd ‘upgrades’ to their car.

This image was recently shared to Reddit’s Shitty_Car_Mods thread and snapped on a highway in the U.S. The Camaro has been equipped with an exhaust system featuring four tailpipes in a very unusual configuration.

Like a typical Camaro, the car has two tailpipes exiting out from the edges of bumper but then has two additional tailpipes, this time positioned centrally. The unique exhaust configuration meant a small piece of trim from the diffuser had to be cut out to accommodate them. Look closely and you’ll probably also notice that the exhaust doesn’t sit evenly.

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Beyond altering the look of the muscle car, we suspect it also has a significant impact on how the Camaro sounds but we’re somewhat doubtful it makes the car sound any better.

The owner of the car has also equipped it with a mismatched trunklid and also fitted an aftermarket rear wing which looks more fitting of a Honda Civic from the early 2000s, not a powerful American performance car like the Camaro.

As odd as some of the modifications made to this Camaro are, it’s far from the only example we’ve seen with some questionable alterations done to it. For example, we stumbled across a 2017 Camaro 2SS on the used car market back in May that had been equipped with some tacky-looking parts inspired by the ZL1 and a set of weird Forgiato wheels.

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